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Mother Earth Coffee's business model is fueled by common sense and, of course, coffee. Coffee lovers everywhere are seeking specialty coffee. Consumers are instinctively moving toward natural and organic productS. From bean to cup, sustainability in life and business is what we're all about.

Who is a Mother Earth Coffee owner? Our ideal candidate wants to have multiple units to own and operate. Our candidate has the entrepreneurial gusto. We want you to love Mother Earth and join us in giving the world to our children and their children’s children.

We'll help with coffee, store design, territory selection, training and more. You'll help Mother Earth with your retail ownership experience, financing, business acumen and attitude. We’re brimming with excitement to build a relationship with you—Over many cups of coffee, naturally.

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Complete the application form for Mother Earth Coffee to begin the process. You may download the form to complete at your leisure or fill out our online inquiry form to submit it directly. Once we receive and review your information, we’ll contact you to set up an overview discussion within one to two business days. Our focus is on operating a vibrant and successful brand. We’ll want to discuss how well our processes and goals match yours, as well as familiarize you with our teams, our training programs and support structure.

Franchise Disclosure

Before we can begin a business relationship, you’ll need to review our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This can be done in person during a discovery visit, or we will forward this to you based upon our mutual desire to take the next step.

Discovery Visit: Roasting, Test Kitchen, Training Center, Supply Chain

During this stage, we welcome new friends to tour our facilities, meet our core team and see what makes Mother Earth Coffee work. We invite you to view all of our support facilities from warehousing and supply chain to our roasting operations and food production commissary. Plan on one to two days to cover any of your questions and to visit an operating Mother Earth Coffee shop.

Partnership Day

With your signed approval of the Mother Earth Franchise Agreement, we’ll welcome you to the team. Then we begin the process of developing your new venture. Typical Timeline: 3 to 5 weeks after application and disclosure.

Development Timeline

In the development phase, we begin by walking through everything it takes to get started, from the business plan to the training schedule. We work with you, your available resources and your goals. With you, your real estate broker or one we’ve connected you to, we begin site selection and conduct location feasibility studies around the parameters needed for success. Typical Timeline: 2 to 6 weeks

Build Out

Our construction and design team work with you and your general contractor throughout the construction process. Construction support begins with site evaluation and continues through the final punch lists until you’re ready to open. Typical Timeline: 12 to 24 weeks


It can be easily said that our skills training is among the best in world. Established by former World Barista Champion Pete Licata, product knowledge and drink development training is a combination of time in our training center as well as on site during your grand opening period. Our team has combined training experience in business operations, service and hospitality standards, and local and franchise marketing. Based on seasonality and farm participation, origin coffee farm trips can be scheduled as an extension of our training program. This allows you to engage with the nature of relationships established by direct trade.

Grand Opening

Our field marketing begins planning for your local marketing programs four to six week before you are ready to grand open. Plans are customized based upon location and local opportunities. We work with you to develop support plans throughout the important post grand opening period. Ongoing support is provided through Mother Earth Coffee teams dedicated to product innovation, local marketing support, business profitability consulting and brand development.





Mother Earth Coffee locations do well in urban areas experiencing renewal. We’re not looking for new buildings but rather old buildings that need anything from Mom’s TLC to a major renovation. Floor types, ceilings and walls are optional but best kept in the character of Mother Earth Coffee’s earthy, honest appeal.

There are also opportunities to integrate Mother Earth Coffee with your business and retail operations. Mother Earth Coffee is proudly served in company kitchens, grocery stores, airport food kiosks, universities, hospitals—just about anywhere great coffee is enjoyed.