Mother Earth Coffee Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

Effective Date: January 1, 2017



Thank you for your interest and participation in Mother Earth Coffee’s Rewards (MEC Rewards) program. We (Mother Earth Coffee) would like to reward you for your continued support in our coffee shops. Trends may change, but great coffee is lasting.
MEC Rewards program (also referred to as “the program”) is a rewards program meant to work for you. Members of the program will earn rewards in connection with qualifying purchases that are redeemable towards future qualifying purchase.

Why do you want to become a member of MEC Rewards?

  • Earn rewards based upon your purchases
  • Get special MEC Reward member only offers
  • Get invitations to special events
  • Special offers for MEC Reward members only via e-mail newsletter.
  • OPTIONAL: Free drink or pastry on your birthday.


Eligibility & Enrollment

No purchase is necessary to join the MEC Rewards program. The program is limited to one membership account per individual.

By enrolling in MEC Rewards, you agree to all terms and conditions as dictated by Mother Earth Coffee. To become a member of and participate in MEC Rewards, you must provide mandatory minimum personally identifiable information including: first name and/or last name and e-mail address and/or phone number. Optional information includes mailing address, date of birth and personal coffee shop preferences.

Privacy Policy

Mother Earth Coffee collects and uses the personal information you provide to enable MEC Reward members to participate in the program and for Mother Earth Coffee to administer the program. We DO NOT sell any personal information to Third Party vendors.
The collection and use of the data you provide via opt-in is subject to Mother Earth Coffee’s Privacy Policy.

Participating Locations

The Mother Earth Coffee Rewards program is available at the following company coffee shops:

Mother Earth Coffee @ Shawnee Mission Medical Center
9100 W 74th St
Shawnee Mission, KS 66204

Mother Earth Coffee @ Hyde Park
3504 Gillham Rd.
Kansas City, MO 64111

How to Open an Account

To become a member of MEC Rewards, register in person with the barista at participating Mother Earth Coffee locations. You will be assigned a specific membership identification number according to your phone number or the telephone number you register with.
Your membership I.D. number MUST BE registered with your personal information at each coffee shop separately.

How to Update Member Information

Members are responsible for maintaining correct personal information for their account. In order to add or update personal information, visit your café location and speak with the barista.

How to Cancel Account

You may cancel your Mother Earth Coffee Rewards membership and participation in the program at any time by visiting your primary coffee shop location and speaking with the barista to confirm closure of account.
 Any unused rewards earned will be forfeited and cannot be redeemed for cash.


General Terms

MEC Reward participants can earn Mother Earth Coffee Rewards “Reward Dollars” by making a “Qualifying Purchase” at participating coffee shop locations. When making a purchase, you must FIRST provide your provide your phone number or e-mail address associated with your account at time of registration.

Purchases made without first presenting your rewards card are not eligible to earn or receive Reward Dollars.

Earning Reward Dollars

All members earn 10% of purchase amount in the form of Reward Dollars when purchasing qualifying merchandise AND provide barista with MEC Reward account information.

Merchandise is defined as all coffee shop beverages, bakery and retail food items and in-store retail items (apparel, brewing equipment, retail coffee, etc.).

For example, if you spend $4.59, you will receive $0.45 Reward Dollars.

Accrual and Confirmation of Reward Dollars Earned

Reward Dollars will be credited to your Mother Earth Coffee Rewards account immediately at the time of purchase. To confirm the amount of Reward Dollars earned, speak with a barista in coffee shop provide your phone number or e-mail address registered with your card.

The maximum amount of Reward Dollars accumulated on your reward card is $15. Reward dollars earned MUST be used before new reward dollars can be accumulated.


Participants of the program can only earn Reward Dollars on the purchase of qualifying merchandise (as defined previously). Merchandise deemed as qualifying merchandise is the sole discretion of Mother Earth Coffee.

The following products and charges are SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED as qualifying merchandise; gift cards, Internet purchases. Reward Dollars will be earned ONLY on the actual price of an item at the time of purchase. All taxes, including without limitation, federal, state and local taxes, are NOT calculated with Reward Dollar accrual. 


Terms and Conditions

Reward Dollars earned by a Mother Earth Coffee Rewards participant may be redeemed ONLY for future purchases at participating coffee shop locations in accordance with specific redemption policies set forth below and contained elsewhere herein.

The Mother Earth Coffee Rewards program is a replacement of the previous “Punch Card” system. New participants may choose to forfeit their punch card OR use punch card until August 31, 2017. Participants of both programs CANNOT utilize both cards in the same purchase, or receive double rewards.


  • Once you have accumulated $50 in pre-tax purchases, you receive $5 in Reward Dollars, where you will be enabled to make a Reward Dollar merchandise purchase at your next visit;
  • You must spend $50 in order to earn and redeem $5 Reward Dollars;
  • Reward Dollars may remain on card UNTIL the reward value reaches $15;
  • If your MEC Rewards balance remains at $15, you WILL NOT receive any additional Reward Dollars;
  • Reward Dollars cannot be combined with any coupon or other punch card;
  • Reward Dollars accumulated on different accounts of different members MAY NOT be combined or aggregated;
  • Reward Dollars may be redeemed on the purchase price of products ONLY and cannot be used towards the payment of any taxes or other fees and charges.
  • The MEC Rewards program is not applicable to Internet orders or orders taken at the Mother Earth Coffee Roasting Facility. This is an in-coffee shop only program.



By joining the Mother Earth Coffee Rewards program, you specifically acknowledge, agree and consent to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Mother Earth Coffee reserves the right, in its sole discretion and at any time, to cancel, modify or restrict the program, in whole or in part, or any aspect of the reward program, in whole or in part. This may include, without limitation, membership eligibility requirements or Reward Dollar earning/accumulation ratio, without any advance notice.
Mother Earth Coffee may revoke any individual’s membership in the program at any time if such individual engages in abuse of the program or fails to follow the terms and conditions of the program. Fraud or abuse of membership in the program may result in revocation of participation and eligibility for future Mother Earth Coffee programs.

Contact Details

For information or questions regarding the Mother Earth Coffee Rewards program, e-mail