Why Organic?

You may be wondering why we are so passionate about organic coffee. While the reasons are endless, we believe USDA Certified Organic coffee is what is best for your health, the environment, and the communities where it is grown.
Unlike organic coffee, conventional coffee is often treated with a lot of chemicals (synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides). These chemicals are known to harm not only the farmers who spray and harvest the coffee plants, but also those who drink the coffee grown from these plants.

Organic coffee, on the other hand, utilizes only organic fertilizers, many of which are naturally found in the ecosystems where the coffee plants are grown. This is beneficial for not only coffee farmers and consumers, but the neighboring communities as well. When it rains, the soil and all of the chemicals it has been treated with run off into the local water supplies. For those living near organic coffee farms, this isn't as big of an issue but the communities near conventionally grown coffee often see an increase in run off water and toxic chemicals.

At the end of the day, Mother Earth Coffee believes the best cup is always just as nature intended. From choosing to only partner with organic coffee farmers that care for their land and communities to carefully roasting in our certified organic roasting facility, we are dedicated to producing delicious, ethically sourced organic coffee.

For more information about the differences between organic and conventionally grown coffee, check out this entry in our Roaster's Journal!